17 June 2021

Days in the sun

Well hello all, long time no speak! What can I say, it’s been quite a busy few months here, with only just about finding the time to keep Facebook and Instagram informed. So, let’s dive right in.

First off, I’m pleased to say that the Ranunculus, which were such a failure last year have been a roaring success this Spring. The small Polytunnel has been a game changer, though keeping them well watered did take considerable effort - lots of early morning and evening trips to the patch with my wheelbarrow full of water! Anyway, it was well worth the effort. They out did themselves. However, the plants have now completely tired themselves out and the tunnel is ready for it’s next residents - Zinnias, Chrysanthemums and Asters!

The bees have loved the Ranunculus almost
 as much as I have.

The rest of the patch has really filled up, with only one bed left to prepare and fill. We’ve already started picking the Cerinthe, Orlaya, Cornflowers and Sweetpeas (which smell amazing) and are now eagerly awaiting the Ammi Majus, which is not far off, the Wild Carrot and the Antirrhinums. I literally cannot wait. 

The Sweetpeas add an incredible scent to a jam jar.

And yet, with all that going on, there is still more plants waiting in the wings for their turn to be planted out. As well as the previously mentioned Zinnia and company, we have Amaranthus in three different gorgeous varieties, Rudbeckia, Panicum Frosted Explosion and Cosmos (which keep giving me a questioning look as to why they haven’t been planted out already), which will all be creating beautiful bunches alongside the Dahlias later in the summer.

The current rising stars of the show though has to be the roses. This past week, we’ve seen the first few buds opening turn into a flush of blooms! Some have already made their way into arrangements. Hopefully, there are lots more to come!

The marmalade colours of The Lady of Shalott and the blue of the Cornflowers are a match made in heaven.

This time, the centre of the Cherry Caramel Phlox really brings out the red tinges on the roses.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed that little update! And I promise not to keep you waiting so long for the next one 😉. In the meantime, I hope you manage to get out and enjoy your own green/ flowery spaces!


From the patch x

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