1 April 2021


At long last, Spring is finally here, my favourite season. If you’re anything like us, you have been soaking up all the gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having this week and making the most of that precious extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. 

The days are are now longer than the nights and the garden is beginning to wake up in earnest. The Daffodils have been flowering since early March here and most of them were excitedly cut to put into bunches for Mother’s Day. But there is soon to be another star of the the show - the Tulip! They seem to be taking their time this year and we’ve only just seen the first buds open this week. All the lovely sunshine has lulled them into a false sense of security ... I think they’re going to get a bit of a shock with the forecast of snow on the horizon.

The first Tulips with the last of the Daffodils and Hellebore.

In other flower news, the first Anemone has also shown her beautiful face and the Ranunculus are covered with buds. I can’t wait to be popping these into our flower bunches. It won’t be long. 

The first Anemone. Can’t get enough of that inky centre.

The greenhouse is now overflowing with seedlings, such as the Strawflowers, Rudbeckia, Cosmos, Phlox and Scabious - to name but a few. The Sweet Peas have had to move out and down to the patch to make room for all the new additions. They were most definitely ready though as they were beginning to look a bit ridiculous in their tiny pots and have been attempting to climb up each other in their bid for freedom.

The Sweet peas are very grateful for their new climbing frame made from
Hazel supports, cut from our patch.

We still have many more seeds to sow, which include the likes of the more tender Amaranthus and we have a fair few more Dahlias to pot up - a considerable amount have already been potted and are making trip hazards of themselves across the greenhouse floor.

Being Easter weekend, It’s another busy few days of flowers, just how I like it! As the Tulips are mostly still keeping us waiting, we’ve ordered in some British grown blooms. They smell absolutely amazing and the majority were grown on a farm in Lincolnshire, so very local to us. We’ve now sold out of pre-orders but will hopefully have enough to open the Flowers From the Gate.

Enjoy your Easter weekend and come and say hi if you’re local!

From the patch x
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