28 January 2021

Snowy Days

The start of this week certainly wasn’t gardening weather but I was happy to exchange that for the chance to play in the snow. It was our daughters birthday and she basically got a real life ‘Frozen’ birthday - what more could any five year old want? 

We built snowmen, we made snow angels, we sledged on our bottoms down snowy banks (ok, maybe that was just the children) and then we retreated back inside for hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Heading into Narnia.

However, after two days of feeling like we had been transported into Narnia, the rain arrived and the snow melted away into the cracks of the earth, leaving behind the abandoned carrot nose and sticks from the snowman as the only reminder that it had been here at all. But, with my flower-growing head on, I was glad - I was beginning to worry about my poor, newly planted out Ranunculus in the polytunnel at the patch! Luckily, I had tucked them in well with fleece and when I finally made it to the plot on Wednesday to check on them, they were still looking good! Phew!

The Ranunculus are very happy in their cosy polytunnel.

As well as enjoying some snow, I’ve also sown some more seeds this week. These have included more Sweetpeas, Phlox Drummondii  ‘Cherry Caramel’, Icelandic Poppies and two different varieties of Scabious. 

Phlox Drummondii in the garden last year.

The weather today is completely different, it almost feels like Spring is in the air - I even spotted some Daffodil buds. Hopefully it won’t be long until we will be offering our first bunches of blooms.

Lucy x

From the patch


  1. Yay for your Ranunculus!☺️(I knew they'd be fine, you'd tucked them up so well!). The new poly tunnel is doing a fantastic job so far it seems!

    1. Thank you! It does seem to be doing a great job! Fingers crossed they grow some nice flowers now ☺️.


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