7 January 2021

Just keep digging

Happy New Year! Hope you had a lovely Christmas. There is much I could say about 2020... but I won’t. This space is strictly for flowers. A happy place of escapism and dreams of Spring! Whatever else may lie in store (frankly, a space invasion is on the cards) there WILL be flowers. So let’s focus on that.

Cold trips to the patch require refreshments.

So, what have we been up to? It’s been cold and wet over Christmas but amazingly, we did manage to spend quite a bit of time at the patch, working on one very exciting project - the polytunnel. The raised bed on which it will sit, was the first job to accomplish and in itself, is a beautiful piece of engineering by Oliver. On top of this now rests the base of the actual polytunnel, to which we need to attach the poles and finally, the polythene sheet itself. It is a mini tunnel, more like a giant cloche than an actual polytunnel - though 15ft long and 4ft wide, you can’t walk inside it and instead, have to lift it up on one side. It will then have metal legs which you can pull out and prop the tunnel up on, to allow for ventilation on sunny days. For us, this seemed like a better fit than a full polytunnel. We wanted something that wasn’t going to waft away in the first gust of wind (of which we get a lot of in these parts) but we also needed something affordable. This mini polytunnel is made of sturdy stuff but by being smaller, means it is not as expensive as a walk-in tunnel, whilst still covering a decent size.

The race is now on to get it finished. It’s first residents will be the Ranunculus and the Anemones. They are currently waiting patiently in the greenhouse but by the end of January, we hope to have them in their new home. Later in the year, I may use the tunnel for Zinnia, of which we grew in the most amazing lime green and deep red colours last year. They were slow to get going though, so they may benefit from the added warmth of the tunnel. 

Zinnia Queen Lime, Queen Red Lime and Aztec Burgundy.

Ranunculus bud, ready to burst.

In other news, the hardy annuals in the greenhouse are looking ready to burst out of their pots and on sunny days, I’ve been bringing them out to bask in the sunshine. Towards the end of this month I will be sowing more seeds - a second batch of some of those already on the go and some new varieties. I will keep you posted. 

So, here’s to all the flowers to come. I can see them already.

Lucy and Oliver

From the patch


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