19 January 2021


Dried flower arrangements can provide much needed colour in winter.

Hooray! We made it through the first few weeks of 2021. It’s been cold, snowy, wet, muddy and windy but it hasn’t dampened my flower spirits. In fact, I have been extra eager to get down to the patch - though maybe that’s because homeschooling has rendered that impossible on most days.

So it was we found ourselves down there last weekend, finally putting up the Polytunnel. We came home with icy toes but happy hearts - the patch is really shaping up. I even managed to brave the freezing rain later in the week one lunchtime to go and trim off the polythene sheet. 

Braving the rain!

This weekend, we made it back down to complete the finishing touches - wooden feet for it to stand on and a layer of cardboard on the beds inside. It’s now ready to be filled with compost - which arrived yesterday and is sat waiting patiently (unlike me!) on our drive. Soon, I will hopefully have filled the polytunnel with compost and will have planted out the first few Ranunculus. 

Also this week I have been sowing the first seeds of 2021. Probably still a tad early but it is a  surefire way to cheer you up - and like all of us, I have definitely needed some cheering! So I’ve done a second batch of Sweetpeas and Antirrhinums (Snap dragons). I’ve pre-soaked and potted up more Ranunculus corms and Anemones and also sown another batch of Orlaya Grandiflora and started off the first lot of Scabious. At the end of the month/beginning of February, I will sow more hardy annuals including Calendula and Ammi Majus.

Antirrhinum Chantilly White and Chantilly Bronze as part of an arrangement.


Signs of spring are also beginning to show at the patch and in the back garden - the bulbs are tentatively poking their heads up above the soil and buds have begun to form on the skeletal branches of the trees and shrubs. 

We will soon be basking in those first flowers. I promise!

Lucy and Oliver x

From the patch

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